Outdoor Enclosures

Total outdoor free standing & wall mounting enclosure solutions

Battery Cabinets

Battery Cabinets for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Aluminium Enclosures

Wall mounting and free standing Aluminium enclosure solutions

What We Do

We design & manufacture MODIK Modular Panel System for low voltage electrical switchboards, Outdoor Enclosures, Battery cabinets , Aluminium Enclosures, Wall Mounting Enclosures, Distribution Boards, to cater all needs in electrical & industrial installations.  We specialized in design & manufacture of custom designed enclosures as per customer designs & specifications.

Our Product Range

Modular Panels

MODIK Modular Panel system is a 200mm module based "Modular", 'Bolted' panel system.

MODIK comes with standard modular profiles which can be bolted to make the structure.

Modular profiles with pre-punched holes in X, Y & Z directions in the structure parts facilitate assembly of other modular parts & accessories.

MODIK Modular Panel system can build electrical switchboards in forms 1 to 4 and their sub forms as per IEC 61439 - 1&2 standards.

Outdoor Enclosures

MODIK Outdoor Enclosure range consists of different types of outdoor enclosures to suit any outdoor electrical assembly applications.

MODIK Outdoor Enclosures are designed and manufactured to comply relevant outdoor enclosures standards.

MODIK Outdoor Enclosures can divided internally to sections as per forms of separation including form 3 & form 4 compartments.

Battery Cabinets

MODIK Battery Cabinets are available in different types for different applications

  • Slim Battery Cabinets
  • Heavy Duty Battery Cabinets
  • 19" Rack Battery Cabinets
  • Outdoor Battery Cabinets

ENIK Energy Wall system for modern renewable energy solutions.

Aluminium Enclosures

MODIK designs & manufactures total enclosure solution in Aluminium with our expertise in Aluminium enclosure manufacturing technology.

Ideal for solar installations due to light weight. Ideal for coastal & marine environments due to high resistant to corrosion.

Our product range includes

  • Aluminium Outdoor Enclosures- Free Standing
  • Aluminium Outdoor 19" Racks
  • Aluminium Outdoor Battery Cabinets
  • Aluminium Wall Mounting Box Enclosures
  • Aluminium Distribution Boards
  • Aluminium Terminal Boxes
  • Aluminium Wall Mounting 19" Racks

MODIK is one of the few manufacturers in the world that designs & manufactures large size Aluminium Enclosures

Custom Design Enclosures

MODIK R&D team with qualified engineers, high skilled production staff & high precise production machineries enable us to design & manufacture any type of customized enclosures for any industrial requirements.

We convert your imaginary enclosure to a reality.

ENIK Energy Wall

ENIK Energy Wall is an intelligent battery energy storage solution that store your solar energy.

ENIK energy wall recharge it's batteries from energy generated by solar panels and stored energy can use when sun goes down or solar panels not generate energy due to bad weather.

This enable solar energy 'YOU PRODUCE" for use 24x7 without any power outages. This make you Energy Independent and contribute to Green planet environment protection with low carbon foot print.

Partner With Us

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Your partnership with MODIK will bring you an enclosure range to give your customers, the best enclosure range at the best possible prices.

MODIK ensures this partnership will bring mutual business benefits.